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About Us

The ‘Companions’ are a group of longbow enthusiasts. We shoot outdoors; using equipment based on traditional designs and materials as far as is practical. We promote the use of traditional medieval shooting techniques. There are no aiming marks or sighting aids and if you are doing it right, there is no possibility of sighting down the arrow as you will have drawn the arrow back to your ear or beyond, so using a medieval longbow is all about instinctive shooting.
We make up games and targets to ensure shoots are an enjoyable mix of the four types of shooting. We do keep score but nobody takes it too seriously. In fact the only thing we take really seriously is safety.  After that it is all about having fun. There is always lots of friendly banter and conversation and help and advice is always available. Without the use of a camera you cannot watch yourself shoot, so a phrase often heard on the shooting line is “watch what I’m doing and tell me what you think”. you will get lots of helpful advice and tips on how you might improve your shooting.

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