companions of the longbow

Membership criteria agreed as follows:

1. All members to be accepted by the committee vetting procedure.

2. Probationary period to be:

One month limited to shooting within the club mentored by another full club member. If the mentor is not present the probationer will not shoot. Three months further probation at the discretion of the committee

3. Annual subscriptions to be paid with this fee non-returnable, with the exception of expulsions from the club when refunds will be at the discretion of the committee.

1. All members must join the club’s insurance syndicate (with Country Cover Club - The cost of this insurance is included in the annual membership subscription.


Adult over 16 years of age - £45.

Child Under 16 years of age - £30

Conditional on strict adherence to the club’s Child Safety Policy (Appendix D).

Non Shooting Member - £25.